How to Look Cute in Pictures

While we may not all be photogenic supermodels, with a little guidance you can go from frumpy to fabulous the next time you step in front of the camera. Looking cute in pictures is not as hard as you may think. You don't need a celebrity stylist or perfect genes. All it takes is a bit of practice, and you'll be posing like a professional in no time.


Watch your posture. Stand or sit up straight to eliminate the dreaded tummy bulge and double-chin shadow. Pull your shoulders back, tighten your stomach and elongate your neck. Try to imagine that someone is gently pulling an invisible string attached to the top of your spine. This trick will make you look thinner and more confident in pictures.

Classic outfits and simple accessories are way to go when having your picture taken.

Avoid wearing patterns and clashing colors. Large patterns and horizontal stripes can make you look heavier than you really are. Bright hues can cause you to look washed out. Stick to solid colors that match your skin tone. Remember also that what's in style today may be out in a few years; keep trendy clothes to a minimum.

Think happy thoughts. Right before the flash goes off, remember an event or story that makes you smile. A fake smile can be spotted easily in a photo. You want to look natural and relaxed. Imagine your favorite holiday or the funniest movie you've seen to bring out your inner glow.

Place your tongue between your teeth while smiling. This helps relax your facial muscles when smiling through a long photo shoot. Take a moment to stretch and shake out your muscles before posing as well. Standing or sitting in the same position for a while can cause your body to stiffen. A good stretch can get your blood pumping which will translate well on film.
Remember to have fun while posing.

Relax. Photos should be fun. Don't get worked up over how you look or what you are wearing. A bad picture can always be deleted. Remember you are taking a picture because you want to remember what you are doing at that very moment. Years from now, you may be glad you have the photos to look back on regardless of what shirt you were wearing.

How To Buy Insurance Online

It is now easier than ever to buy insurance online.

Initially complicated products like this were left off the internet with only the shorter, easier products being put online.

However now with better internet connections that are more reliable, more and more longer application forms are being put online.

Indeed, if you want to buy insurance online many providers now offer a service. If you have a provider in mind already then simply visit their website and look for an application form.

Alternatively use a comparison service such as to find a combination of an online application and also a good price.

Note that you need to be honest with your answers and prepared to answer all questions - this might require a little thinking on your part, depending what sort of insurance it is that you are looking at!