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Put elastic in the corners of simple hangers, and your shirt do not fall.

What is the best camera

This is a very common and important question for professional photography. And with more and more brands and models of cameras, it becomes difficult to simply suggest this or that brand, this or that model.But before we consider technical characteristics of the cameras, it should be one in mind, what function or specificity that this camera is intended.Several of my friends and longtime colleagues and other technical areas, people ask me what the best camera, and sometimes are not very satisfied with my answers. The reactions go through something like this: "It is too expensive", "this machine is very small, I want more", "my friend / neighbor has this brand, I prefer him as a", etc..It is not easy to choose and decide on the best camera if you need it themselves, do not know very well what the specific purpose of it (besides the obvious "Taking Pictures"), and are driven by a feeling of jealousy of his colleague's side who has this or that brand / model, and simply want a bigger and better.Some time ago I published an article titled "before buying a camera," and although this article had a more targeted focus on issues and technical details of the camera, as there mentioned the usefulness of the machine, and this is a point that each again today is important to consider because different needs lead to different answers, and "best machine" has different connotations in order to meet the specific objectives of those who visit.For example, if your goal is to do sports photography, from a semi-professional or professional, you need an SLR camera (DSLR), a high range, with sequential shooting, and a tele-lens light This specific set of materials / photographic equipment are well specified and defined characteristics and is relatively easy to find the best camera.For example, if the aim is a camera that is relatively quick to use, even without major configuration options to make the kind photo / picture category, here we recommend a compact camera, which has several automatic modes, and a large display, in order to show the photographs taken at the time.In relation to extra equipment, the methodology is the same. It becomes imperative to acquire a tripod, external flash, cable release, filters, etc., when you really feel the practical need of using this particular equipment. The justification of the "neighbor also has a ..." is not logical reason to spend money uselessly.For example, someone who does landscape photos, and must have a certain stability photographic, here in this case is a good tripod more important than the purchase of a cable release, because while the first officially gives stability to the shooting scene , the second that gives stability to press the button to take the picture properly, can become not necessary if your camera has a timer function for 10 seconds.The camera, like any other equipment is a general function, and then several specific. You should buy a machine that suits your needs, or should think about and define what your actual needs, and only then can search for where to buy digital cameras.Another important aspect is that the best camera, simply does not exist! Or in other words there but is in constant change and evolution. For you now the best camera, as explained above is the one that best meets your needs. Tomorrow the best camera is the one whose characteristics are superior to that previously had and give technical answers to questions that previously did not even exist.I hope this text will help everyone to decide on the best camera for your specific case. If still in doubt can always explain here, leaving a comment, which the order to your machine and our team will give an adequate response to their questions.