Do you know what Floggia is ???

A new social network for photographs and photographers. Experts say it will rival Facebook! 
This new social network named FLOGGIA was created and is being maintained solely by a 19-year old from Venezuela, called Michael Kudry. 
Note that this young man is already developing web applications since the age of 13. FLOGGIA, a social network of photos, which owes its name to the derivation of the Spanish flog (photo blog) has some features that are to the liking of both amateur photographers and those more professional, which is EXIF ​​information, including brand and model camera, lens aperture and exposure time and date when the photo was taken. 
But why is the floggia considered a social network and not just a simple stock of photos or a community? 
Because you can interact with other users, you can still follow people, like photos, leave comments and add photos from other people with your favorite photos. 
All photos of other people I click "like" will appear in my profile, that is true whenever someone like your pictures too, they will be highly visible as they will often appear in profiles of other people, as many likes they have. 
However in your wall/main feed as you enter into your floggia account, some photos of the people who you are already following will appear highlighted , and is very easy to follow more people, or get new people to follow you! Networks Facebook and Twitter were not forgotten, and each photo has the option of sharing on those networks. You ​​can even set the floggia with your Twitter account, so every time you load a picture it is updated automatically in a tweet.

Advantages of floggia: 
Limit of 25 mg per photo 
Unlimited number of photos 
Associating tags to photos 
Write a description for each of your photos 
Free and not annoying advertising 
View all photos in a gallery 
Image in real size with a click 
Upload multiple photos at once 
License information associated with each photo 

Disadvantages of floggia:
It creates rss feed 
No detailed statistical information
No centralized Add tags to a photo and description at a time 

Examples of social networking floggia:

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